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Happy New Years 2018 ~ This is YOUR Year!

Happy New Years!

While wishing everyone the traditional wishes of health, happiness, prosperity and love; I reflect on what everyone really needs to hear. 

Lets think about has taught us many things, specifically, that the world is changing and we are stepping into a new era of technology, innovation and continual challenges of life in general.  This all plays an essential role into the future in which we need to set realistic goals and actually keep ourselves accountable with our goal setting.  

  • Set goals that you really want and stick to it.

  • Take advantage of opportunities as they are presented to you for a reason. 

  • Respect yourself and do the right thing(s) because you will feel better about it and in the end you wont ever have to worry about any type of back lash. (Phew, aren't we hearing about it a lot lately.) 

  • Spend time with those who make you happy, support and encourage you and remember that family and friends love you for who you are and not what you have. 

My final thought is an image that I found and it stuck with me. It's worth sharing with you because it fits perfectly for everyone. 

If you want 2018 to be your year: Don't sit on the couch and wait for it. Go out. Make a change. Smile more. Be excited. Do new things. Throw away what you've been cluttering.  Unfollow negative people on social media.  Go to bed early. Wake up early. Be fierce. Don't gossip. Show more gratitude. Do things that challenge you. Be brave. (Anonymous) What are your 2018 going to look like and I would be interested to hear how your going to make changes!  Please share!

Until then...Don't Coast in Neutral, Positive Shift Ahead! ~ Stacie

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