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What gear are you in? Is it time to move forward?
motivational talks

Select a one time appearance or a series, on topics such as,

Mindfulness, Setting Goals, Managing Change, Standing up for Yourself, Imposter Syndrome, Self Identity, Rightly Focused, Emotions, Finding Your Voice, How Jealousy Effects You and Others, Kindness and Bullying. 

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educational school talks

Educational School Talks are a great way to instill positive thinking and self-confidence in youth. I have created a program that focuses on difficult subjects, such as bullying, mental illness, and suicide. Choose an educational series for the biggest impact. Single appearances are also available.

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employee workshops

Your employees are the face of your company and everyone knows a happy employee provides better service and quality of work, which is why this is a win-win. Give your employees the benefit of a Positive Shift Workshop. Giving back to them is a sure way to create higher engagement in the company.

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one-on-one coaching

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Let me help you get your groove back. Re-energize, re-empower, and re-discover your passion for what you want to accomplish. We will work together to combat every day troubles, find inner peace, and reconnect your body and soul. Weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly options are available.  

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get in gear

This four-month program, which consists of two one-hour meetings each month, will take you on a ride of self-discovery. Get in Gear has a structured curriculum designed to fit each individual's needs. We will develop a roadmap to help you achieve what you wish to make happen. Topics may include: 

Getting to Know Yourself, Setting Goals, Health & Wellness, and Making Connections.  

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Prices and duration varies as I work closely with each individual to meet their needs!

Please contact me for pricing and more information!

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