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Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

The Positive Shift was founded by Stacie Zotkovich, with the goal of coaching, educating, empowering, and creative emotional balance for individuals and organizations. Stacie’s creative strategies and engaging activities are designed to unlock unlimited potential, to move people toward their goals. She works with individuals or small groups, offering an array of services to help them re-energize, re-empower, and re-discover their passion for what they want to accomplish.

  • Motivational Speaker, Life and Wellness CoachInternational Association of Professions Career College

  • Masters in Strategic Communications Management CertificatePurdue University

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications/Public Relations, Oakland University

  • Esteemed Woman of Michigan Award 2017

  • Community Excellence Award for Spirit of the Community 2017

  • Extraordinary Contributions & Community Involvement, State of Michigan Capital Award 2017

  • Outstanding Citizen Award 2016

  • DMC Leadership Development Institute Academy 2011

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