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Educating students

Helping students better their future.

The youth of today and tomorrow are constantly changing and growing. I take a different approach to tough-to-tackle subjects, such as bullying, mental illness and suicide. As a former elementary teacher, I realize that generations have heard different takes on these topics over the years.  However, I also know that our youth continues to struggle wish these issues, which is why I have developed a unique approach to addressing these issues with students - one that engages them and gets them to dig deeper. I cover topics such as, Self Identity, Who You Are, Getting to Know You, Goal Setting and What it Means to be a Good Friend. I will gladly work with you to customize each presentation to fit your group's needs.

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together!

My experiences

Stacie worked at an Elementary School with the art teacher and students. She asked the students, if they were in the hospital, what would they like to see, what would make them feel better and more at ease? These creative art pieces were then framed and then put up in the children's pediatric unit at a local hospital.

Stacie visited Elementary School classrooms teaching students about friendship.

We covered topics like: 'What a Good Friend is' & 'I Have a Choice'

Educating the Daisy and Brownie girls on the different countries of the world.

Huron Valley Sinai Hospital Scrub Run - a 5K that Stacie created, directed and managed.

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