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Don't Coast in Neutral

The Positive shift

Positive Shift Ahead

ABOUT Stacie

Stacie Zotkovich, former Mrs. Michigan is a motivational speaker and life coach who uses her amazing optimism and passion for positivity to help others change their behaviors to promote a sense of purpose and excellence in their lives. As a wife of 15 years, mother of two and working professional, Stacie is a multifaceted individual who still finds time to achieve her goals - adding to her long list of completed races, she crossed the finish line for the Chicago and New York City Marathon. Stacie enjoys sharing her personal experiences with the power of believing and goal setting at a higher level of communication through seminars, in schools, in the workplace and at public speaking engagements. Her goal is to reveal that we are all alike and united by similar struggles and circumstances.

Stacie Zotkovich, life coach, mrs michign

How I Can Help You

motivational talks

Life is constantly changing and shifting gears as you go through difficult and different experiences Motivational speeches from Stacie detail trigger points for you to use, observe and identify with so you can easily change your perspective and shift yourself accordingly.

Stacie Zotkovich, fitness coach, life coach
get in gear

Get in Gear is structured for personal groups and companies to help individuals and employees identify personal and professional achievements in life. It is personalized for each individual and company's needs. The four month program will take you on a ride of self-discovery.  

Stacie Zotkovich, educator, school speaker,
Stacie Zotkovich, motivational talks
one-on-one coaching

Stacie takes on a unique and different approach to one-on-one life coaching.  Her style of coaching is successful because of her approach and understanding the needs and assessment of each individual.  Stacie inspires her clients to reach their potential while achieving their goals to become their best!

Stacie Zotkovich, mrs michigan, life coach, get in gear
Educational school talks

Stacie takes a different approach to the Bullying and Suicide talks. Her approach is unique and successful in getting though to students - they actually listen and are attentive. Her methods have proven to be extremely effective measures to reaching and encouraging helpful thought to our youth.

You Can't Lead a Positive Life with a Negative Mind.

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